Nicollette Ramirez is an art dealer, writer, producer and events organizer, nurturing artists and promoting their work. Nicollette’s projects have often combined artists from diverse backgrounds working in different media in various locations. Nicollette named her company Beez And Honey when in 2006 one of her artists suggested she change the name of her art activities to something else than Sexy Girls Productions. Nicollette was inspired by Tom Beale's studio cum gallery named Honey Space, around the corner from the Chelsea Art Museum where she worked at that time. Her art history studies also informed her choice as bees were a symbol of royalty in the French monarchy and appear in other art historical references. Nicollette also wanted to highlight the plight of the bees who were suffering a mysterious mass die off in the early 2000s, which continues today and has been attributed to the indiscriminate use of pesticides. Sacred geometry, the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence play a role as well in the hexagonal figure of the flower and honeycomb imagery. The style of the logo is taken from spray paint, stenciling and wheat paste in street art. The logo is designed by Stanley Chow, a well known illustrator from Manchester, England.


Estate of Bob Stanley

Nicollette Ramirez works with the Estate of Bob Stanley. Bob Stanley was a 20th Century American Artist, who lived and worked in New York City for most of his life. He was primarily a figurative artist who was part of the Pop art movement of the 1960s. His early rock and roll paintings and erotic works contributed greatly to mid-century American art. Since 2004 the Estate has actively worked to organize, catalog, present and promote an understanding and appreciation of the work of Bob Stanley. To this end, multiple works have been placed in public institutions in the USA and Europe. The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Henry Art Gallery, and The Greenville County Museum of Art are a few of the institutions in the USA with a considerable collection of Bob Stanley's work.
The available works include paintings from the 1970s to the 1990s. www.estateofbobstanley.org

Parties & Performances

Nicollette's birthday parties have become legendary. In terms of performance based and experience-driven art, Nicollette’s creative collaborations in various events around the world have included Spencer Tunick’s “Friends of Friends” series in 2003, 2004 Joe’s Pub musical performances in collaboration with several musicians in NYC, the Chelsea Art Museum's Summer Soirees which she conceived, coordinated and hosted, and produced multi-media artist Nomad Uno’s DJ performance for the James Bond Birthday Bash in Berlin in 2012. In 2016 she hosted another James Bond Party in the historic James Brown House that houses the Ear Inn in NYC's West Soho district.

TV Appearances

Nicollette has appeared on several television programs, most recently on CNN's "Self Made" a series about entrepreneurs of the African diaspora. She also contributed to Andrew Einhorn’s television series "Naked Coast to Coast" in 2007 and helps filmmakers produce their work with strategic connections.


Nicollettte has curated exhibitions in the Caribbean, the Americas and in Europe. Recently she has collaborated with Studio Vendome in NYC on several exhibitions including Serena Scapagnini, Bob Stanley, Arshak Sarkissian, Uri Dotan, Anne Herzog and Lindsey Nobel. Currently she collaborates with Licht Und Fire, a gallery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, showing from September 7-28, 2017, recent work by Israeli artist Uri Dotan which he executed in Israel as well as at a residency at Mana Contemporary.


Nicollette has written creatively and journalistically for print and online publications as well as for gallery and museum catalogs.

Some examples of her writing are online:

In addition to work with visual artists she has collaborated with other writers to present their work in various forums in NYC in the late 1990s and early 2000s.


Nicollette has been writing song lyrics since the early 2000s and collaborates with musicians to put her words to music and vice versa.